Here is where the fun begins! Time to choose your unique SMASHIT2 EXPERIENCE!


Our inventory is always changing. We cannot guarantee certain items in the small, medium, or large categories.

Call ahead for special requests.  


A bucket of breakables is a 5-gallon bucket.  

Small Items – glass, bowls, vases figurines, plates, pots, wine and liquor bottles 

Medium Items – lamps, printer, desktop computer, stereo, monitor, TVs up to 24”, picture frames  

Large Items – microwave, TV, chandelier, bureau, bookcase, chair, aquarium, mirrors  

Let It Go Package

Get the Grand Opening Promo Package
$99 for $75

5/7 - 9/6



Any Time Discounts

Use Codes at check out deduct $15 on all packages EXCEPT Try it and BYOB

All Military Branches, First Responders,Healthcare, and  Essential Workers,  (Includes grocery staff, truck, postal/package delivery drivers. - HEROSMASH

College Students - STUDENTSMASH

Smashit2 Rules and Safety