Suitable for bars, restaurants, contractors, storage facilities and trash removal companies etc.

Call us at 774-415-1748 or email us at [email protected] to set up pickups.



All items donated must be light enough or small enough for one person to carry. Thank you!


If you are tired of dusting it or moving it from one room to the next, we might take it.

We are looking for things to break with a bat or sledgehammer. Items need to be small enough or light enough for our team to move it in and out of the Smashit2 rooms.

Come to drop off days Thursday and Sunday.

Email [email protected] to schedule a drop off.

Vases Glasses Lamps
Plates Small Appliances
Laptops Computers Printers
Microwaves Fax Machines
Coffee Tables/End Tables Wooden Chairs and Stools
Ceramic Anything! Figurines Fish Tanks

Old Screens (Except Flat Screens) Air Conditioners
Toilets Hazardous Materials Exercise Equipment
Paint Containers Light Bulbs Picture Frames
Large Bureaus/Bookcases Greater than 4'x4'
Couches or Recliner Chairs Vacuum Cleaners
Stoves, Dishwashers, Washing Machines, and Dryers