You know you want to this! LET'S DO IT!


  • We are a brother and sister team who already own a safety training company together. We were looking for a quick, fun way to relieve stress. Aren’t you? We found it!

    After driving 3 hours to try a rage room, we decided to open Smashit2 in Central Massachusetts for our family and friends.

    Now, YOU can enjoy it too!


  • Curious? We have a 15 minutes experience just for you.

    You get to smash everyday household items for fun and we clean up the mess..

    If you like it, you can extend your visit or come back with friends and get a discount.


  • Did you know that more women use rage rooms than men?
    Ladies, you get to be unladylike and break everything with a baseball bat, sledgehammer, or thunder stick It’s cheaper than a therapist, a massage, or a manicure. Even better, we have BYOB (Bring Your Own Box). Fill it up with anything you want to smash. It only takes 15-30 minutes.

    If you live in Central Massachusetts, a membership is worth your while!


  • Want to feel like a kid again? What if you could throw a baseball at a window or take a sledgehammer to a windshield and not get in trouble? Would you do it?

    Of course!

    Come have some fun and release some stress as you smash a wooden chair or flat screen tv.

    Are you ready? Bring a friend. It’s a smashing good time!

Ready to Smashit?